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What is the Amazon 999 trick?

Want to find out how many units your competitors are storing in the FBA warehouses?

Maybe you have picked out a new product and want to know how many to stock initially or maybe you want to know how fast your competitors are selling their inventory. Or maybe another seller jumped on your listing and you want to find out how many units they have. Use the Amazon 999 Trick. It is a way to manipulate the Amazon website into giving you the information.

Amazon 999 Trick Example

Let’s look at an example. Below is a listing for a popular board game Catan.

Catan 5th Edition Board Game | Amazon Search Screenshot

After clicking through to the detail page we see that Amazon is winning the buy box and after clicking on the “Qty” dropdown menu we can see that they have 27 available.  Amazon will display up to a quantity of 30 in this drop down menu. Likewise if the quantity is very low you will see “Only X Left in Stock” in green somewhere on the detail page. (Due to A/B testing by Amazon, this moves around depending n the iteration.)  But if the seller has more than 30 or you want to look at another seller’s inventory you have to do some digging.


QTY Dropdown menu


Add any of the other seller’s inventory to your cart using the “Add to Cart” Button.


Add to Cart Button

Immediately click on the “Cart” button to view your cart.


Cart Button


If you navigate away form the “Added to Cart confirmation screen you can always click on the cart icon in the upper right of the amazon page.


Amazon Cart Icon


Once you are viewing your shopping cart. Change the Quantity in the dropdown menu to “10+”


10+ in dropdown menu


Then enter “999” into the field and click the Update button.


999 entered into quantity field


Amazon will automatically adjust the quantity down to the total number of items the seller has available. In this example the seller has 16 available.


Amazon Adjusts Quantity Automatically

There you have it. Know it. Use it. Love it.


Note that this does not always work when Amazon is the seller nor does it work if the seller has over 999 items in FBA.


Try the 999 Trick on Amazon


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