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Amazon Keywords Time Saver with FreshKey

Are Keywords Important?

Yes! Backfilling your product’s “Search Term” fields in Seller Central is crucial for maximizing your chance for product ranking on Amazon’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP.) Using this field to add keywords that you haven’t already added to the title or bullet points can be time consuming, which ultimately costs your money.

We put this (our first of many!) short tutorial together to help save you time when adding keywords to your Amazon listings in Seller Central. We hope you find it helpful! Please comment if you need any clarification.

We use a keyword tool called FreshKey. It can be bought here for $10 (at the time of writing):



Here are the functions we used in Excel:

Find (and Replace) – Control (Command for Mac) + F will bring up the find window. Replace the keyword you searched for with a space. Then use the Trim function.

TRIM(cell#) – This function returns a text value with the leading and trailing spaces removed.

(Cell#1)&”,”&(Cell#2) – This function combines cell values with a comma separating them. Put your cursor over the bottom right corner of the cell (cursor changes to a black plus) and double click to auto fill the function for all of the cells below it.

LEN(cell#) – This function returns the number of characters in a text string.

Paste Special (Values) – Pastes the Value (words) of the copied cell instead of the function formula.

Note: I was using Microsoft Excel for Mac Version 2011. some of the commands may be slightly different when using Excel on a PC.


 A Note about Variations

I mentioned this in the video, but if you have variation products under a parent product you can add a separate set of keywords to your second, third, etc. variations to expand your keyword reach. With size and color we have 100+ variations for one of our products. so we have over 100,000 characters we can use. The hard part is actually finding enough relevant keywords to fill the spaces. Likewise when we retire a color we need to transfer any keywords to a new variation.




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